116 Alfred St, St George QLD 4487

General Contact

For medical questions or appointments please contact reception on 0746 255 344.

In the event of an emergency, the same number (0746 255 344) can be used after hours to contact the doctor on call. Please use the after hours service thoughtfully. *FEE*

116 Alfred Street
St George QLD 4487

Phone : 0746 255 344

Fax : 0746 253 747


We value the feedback of our patients and ask that if you have any suggestions or complaints about any aspect of the practice that you bring it to the attention of the practice manager, Mr Alex Benn.

The A.M.A. code of ethics is adhered to by this practice. There is an external complaints mechanism. In Queensland this is:

Office of the Health Ombudsman

PO Box 13281
George Street, Brisbane QLD 4003

Phone : 0746 133 646

Email : reception@stgmed.com.au

Other Medical Services

St George Hospital
0746 202 222
St George Family Dental
0746 254 926
St George Pharmacy
0746 253 469
Sullivan Nicolaides
0746 254 894
Meals on Wheels
0746 255 168

For a complete list of medical services in the Balonne Shire please visit the St George QLD website